Meet Chef Camelia Forté

     In celebration of my 30th Birthday, I debuted Around The World Apron began in February 2018 after prayer and spending some much needed time with God to help me change my lifestyle.  

     I am a traveling private chef located in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I specialize in plant-based dishes. I have had the honor of cooking for many celebrities including my favorite vegan, Jermaine Dupri. I cook meals that cater to any dietary restriction. All of my meals are customized. If you would like to book my services, i offer: consultation services, private parties, cooking lessons, kids/adults cook parties, meal prep, and so much more!

   Many people ask how long i have been cooking. I have been cooking as long as i can remember. I come from a family of cooks on both sides of my family. I am from Alabama and my dad is from Lousiana. So i'm a Creole Bama girl who loves to cook.

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Private Chef Services